Taunton Bay Soap Company Kratom Vendor



Taunton Bay Soap Company is an online vendor of tea, herb and soap. This vendor has been based in the USA since 2014. They are passionate about their business and have a wide range of quality kratom products. They also claim that their prices are lesser than others and online services are also good.



The vendor mentions that they have the best range of quality herb, exotic teas and kratom. Also the best customer care, online shopping and fast deliveries they are providing; as mentioned by their customers. They have the best kratom products, also fresh and most energetic as many of its users admire them. This shows that they have the best Kratom and price is also low.

Products and price

Although Kratom is not their priority product and in their store there is no proper section for Kratom products but we can find that they have only powder and capsules of Kratom there. There are 13 types of Kratom strains they have in their store. In kratom range they offer two types one is classic and second is blended one or you can say mix and match. In classic range the strains they provide are mentioned below;

  • Red Bentuangie Kratom
  • Red Bali Kratom
  • Green Malay Kratom
  • Red Maeng Da kratom
  • Green Maeng Da kratom
  • White Maeng Da kratom

While in blends they have as following;

  • Red Hulk
  • Red Mystery
  • Green Hulk
  • Synergy
  • Rainbow
  • Starburst
  • Chilli Mix

Price range is as described below;

  • 30g=$6.98
  • 60g=$11.98
  • 125g=$20
  • 250g=$39.98
  • 500g=$51.98
  • 1000g=$97.98


Cashback guarantee/policy

There is no cashback policy or any return policy mentioned by the vendor on their website. For this purpose you have to call them on their customer care number and they will guide you accordingly.

Delivery and Shipping method

Orders should be placed before 2pm if you want them to get shipped the same day. Active days for shipping are from Monday to Friday. If you order after 2pm the shipment will be done the next business day, like if you order after 2pm on friday, your order will be shipped on Monday.

All the orders are shipped by USPS priority mail with money back delivery guarantee of two days. Also they provide tracking numbers so you can easily track your shipment.

Customer care

They have very helpful and friendly customer care and the number is given on the top of their website. As many people gave their reviews about their customer care which shows that they are the best at their work. People can also ask them about the details about products, their effects and usage.

How is their website?

Although they are working in a big range of different herbs etc but their website is not a proper one for a normal person to shop from. There is no proper information or guidance to buy kratom products. For shopping you have to click on the tea selection and then you first add to cart what type of tea you want and after that you will get to know about the strains which one they have or available.. 


  • Low price
  • Fresh products always
  • Good at boosting energy
  • Best customer care
  • Delivery and shipment is also liked by customers
  • Discounts and coupons


  • Online store is not easy to shop kratom products
  • No free delivery mentioned there
  • No cash back guarantee
  • No good packaging of shipments
  • Less variety of kratom
  • No proper information in about us section
  • No proper information about kratom
  • Not an attractive website